midi AUv3 analog-style sequencer plugin for iPad

+ bonus midiDRUMs drum grid sequencer plugin

Analog-style MIDI step sequencer plugin with 16 sliders controlling pitch, velocity, note length and probability or a MIDI CC

Also includes an x0x drum grid sequencer MIDI AUv3 plugin with 8 parts, each with trigger, velocity, and probability or CC

Two re-imagined sequencers inspired by my first two iOS music apps ten years ago: Little MIDI Machine and FunkBox

Use inside MIDI AUv3 hosts such as AUM, AudioBus and Cubasis to play synthesizer AUs or external MIDI hardware


  • Analog-style slider sequencer with up to 64 steps and a user interface designed for AUv3
  • Each step has pitch, gate, velocity, length, and probability or a MIDI CC
  • Configure key, note speed, direction, last step
  • 16 patterns, transpose, optional input trigger, ratcheting, randomization and more!


  • Bonus x0x style drum sequencer plugin with up to 64 steps and a UI designed for AUv3
  • Each step has eight parts, each part has a trigger, velocity and CC
  • Edit the kit configurations to send specific MIDI notes on specific channels for each part
  • 16 patterns, sequencer speed, optional input trigger and more!