midi AUv3 probability gate

Takes a stream of busy, repetitive MIDI notes and selectively mutes some of them to make it more interesting!

midiGATEs is an AUv3 MIDI filter gate effect that is quick to configure, easy to use, simple but powerful.

Filter other iPad music apps via Audiobus 3 or CoreMIDI, or external MIDI sequencers with a USB-MIDI interface.

Created by the developer behind the pioneering iOS CoreMIDI music apps FunkBox and Little MIDI Machine.


  • Gate, Note and Sequencer modes
  • Gate is a flat % chance to let a note through
  • Note sets the % based on the note's pitch
  • Sequencer has an 8 step sequence of %s
  • Easy to use Audiobus 3 MIDI filter effect
  • Can also be configured with CoreMIDI


  • Create a very busy musical sequence and send it through midiGATEs to thin it out
  • Create subtle random variations by only muting a few notes or pitches
  • Create polyrhythmic sequences using the sequencer to mode gate sequences with a different sequence length