AUv3 midi effect for volca bass

Allows you to play chords paraphonically on your Volca Bass using an AUv3 host such as AudioBus or AUM.

midiFILTr-VB is an AUv3 MIDI effect. Connect to your Volca using a CCK cable and a USB-MIDI interface.

Play chords on your Volca Bass and access hidden MIDI CC parameters such as slide, expression and gate length.

Created by the developer behind iOS music apps FunkBox and Little MIDI Machine.


  • Two modes for Volca Bass chords:
  • Paraphonic mode allows you to play a chord on the Volca normally
  • Auto-Chord mode plays automatic major or minor chords from one note
  • Also provides AU parameters that map to Volca CCs, including "hidden" CCs
  • Easy to use AUv3 MIDI effect
  • Can also be configured with CoreMIDI


  • Use an external MIDI keyboard to play chords on the Volca
  • Use a MIDI sequencer app like midiSTEPs to trigger chords
  • Use the Volca's sequencer and access hidden Volca CCs (slide, expression, gate length)