midi filter effect for volca fm

Fixes a quirk of the Volca FM hardware synthesizer where it does not respond to the velocity of MIDI notes.

midiFILTr-VF is an Audiobus 3 MIDI filter effect that is easy to use and quick to configure, just insert it into the MIDI flow.

Allows other iPad music apps or external keyboards to send MIDI notes with velocity to your Volca via Audiobus 3 or CoreMIDI.

Created by the developer behind iOS music apps FunkBox and Little MIDI Machine.


  • Fixes the velocity "quirk" of the Volca
  • Translates MIDI note velocity into a MIDI CC the Volca can understand
  • Lots of the Volca's presets use velocity, this app makes the synth a lot more expressive
  • Easy to use Audiobus 3 MIDI filter effect
  • Can also be configured with CoreMIDI
  • Works with both iPhone and iPad