midi filter effect for volca sample

Fixes some of the quirks of the Volca Sample's MIDI implementation so you can use it more like you'd expect to.

midiFILTr-VS is an Audiobus 3 MIDI filter effect. Connect to your Volca using a CCK cable and a USB-MIDI interface.

Use iPad MIDI sequencers to play your Volca Sample like a regular drum machine or synth.

Created by the developer behind iOS music apps FunkBox and Little MIDI Machine.


  • Three modes to make your Volca easier to use
  • Octave mode allows you to sequence the 10 sounds on one channel, triggered by C, C#, D, etc
  • Pitch mode allows you to play samples melodically, with the sounds pitched
  • Drum mode maps the Volca Sample's 10 sounds to standard MIDI drum triggers
  • Easy to use Audiobus 3 MIDI filter effect
  • Can also be configured with CoreMIDI


  • Use a MIDI sequencer app like midiSTEPs to trigger multiple samples
  • Use an external MIDI keyboard to play the Volca melodically
  • Use a Drum Machine app with MIDI like FunkBox to trigger samples